Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Possible Fix for the Broken BCS

...and we all know it needs fixing!

Crowning the national champion in college football is too important to be throwing the process at the mercy of the BCS. Their system, whose main goal is to pit #1 and #2 teams in the deciding game at the end of the season, has generated more questions than answers. This season should serve as the final wake-up call to conference commissioners, bowl presidents et al that a playoff is the only way to decide who the best team in college football really is.

This guy just might have the right playoff formula in mind. His brain-child is a 16 team playoff featuring the conference champions of all 11 conferences (yep...all 11) with 5 at-large teams making the bid for a "chance to dance".

This is what the bracket would look like if Dan Wetzel's dream came true this year.

Can you imagine a line-up like this to look forward to?

Dan goes into detail on what would happen to the bowl games, home field advantage, scheduling, the need for conference championship games across the board and much more! Give it a read and let me know what you think.


Kenny Simpson

I'd go down to top 8 (6 big conference winners and next 3). Undefeated teams get an automatic bid. Then seed as they stand in the BCS. Use the Cotton, Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta and one other big bowl as sites. And then have a BCS championship.

This year that puts:

LSU/Tenn winner
OU/MU winner
VT/BC winner

in the bowls.

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