Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wrap Your Head Around This...

"You can be morally clean without Christ but, in your self-righteousness, you
are filthy

I heard this in church this morning and its impact has yet to wear off.



Hi! I knew some Canterburys from EP, IL. Any relation? I know it's an enormous long-shot, but
a. you are the right age
b. you say you look nothing like your family
c. you are a Christian, and I knew them from church camp

J. Canterbury

That's us!


Oops! I thought I could publish that comment with the names and then delete it after a few days, but I guess blogspot doesn't give that option. Could you delete it for me to get rid of the full names? Thanks!

J. Canterbury

No worries!

Thanks again for your comments. It would be great to kinda catch up a little somewhere other than on a blog comment board.

Do you have a blog or facebook account?



I don't have a facebook, but I do have a blog.

In fact, I think I'll go update it now, since it's been woefully neglected :(

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